Straightening Teeth With Your Local Dentist: Why It’s Worth Investigating

Straightening teeth with your local dentist: why it’s worth investigating

Straightening teeth with braces is a course of treatment most often associated with the teenage years.

Certainly, that’s how most of us think about it, particularly those who grew up before all the options that are now on the market became available. For most, a typical image of braces would include a person in their teens with a mouth full of traditional metal brackets and wires. For those who had the experience of braces 20 or 30 years ago, the image would be even stronger. A lot of pain, discomfort, and even some confidence crushing experiences.

Today when you talk about straightening teeth, the world is very different and there is one thing that can be said:

Teeth straightening has come a long way!

No longer solely the domain of teens, straightening teeth is now a very real consideration for people of all ages. Children from as young as eight, to more mature age patients in their sixties and seventies can sensibly contemplate the available options, and there are now plenty of options to choose from.

Yes, traditional metal braces and brackets are still very common among teenage patients. However, with advancements in technology, treatment options such as Myobrace, Invisalign, Clear Correct, fully customised Damon fixed braces and many others are all now available.

What’s more, treatment can also be provided through your local dentist in conjunction with a specialist orthodontist. Many dental practitioners, working together with orthodontists are able to assist with simple braces treatment; just as we are at Timeless Smiles Dental. This means patients have an alternative to visiting an orthodontist when it comes to more straightforward braces treatment. What I really like most about this is the options it opens up for patients, especially patients seeking straightening treatment as adults.

Why straighten your teeth as an adult?

Apart from the aesthetics of straighter teeth and feeling good about that, there are other benefits from straighter teeth. Among the other benefits are healthier gums, easier cleaning, and less abnormal wear on teeth as joints are less stressed from supporting jaw joints.

Straightening teeth can be used to address:

  • Crowding and spacing – not enough or too much space between teeth
  • Overbite and underbite – protruding upper or lower teeth
  • Deep bite and open bite – front teeth are either hidden or have space between them

We offer a range of straightening solutions and we only make a recommendation when we have appraised your needs fully.

These are very tangible and visible benefits, but it’s also worth noting the feeling of confidence patients feel when they observe the change in their smile and their appearance. While these benefits aren’t measured in the same way, they are as important from the perspective of patient care.

I notice this most in mums who have invested in straightening their children’s teeth and then finally make that decision to value themselves and undergo straightening treatment too. Often, it is something they’ve thought of for a considerable time and when the program finally does get underway, there is certainly emotion involved!

Want to know which treatment is right for you?

Curious about understanding which treatment might be right for you? Then ask your local dentist with experience in braces treatment. He or she should fully appraise your needs when you come in for a consult.

Here’s all about straight teeth you should know.

If you’d love to find out whether straightening treatment with your local dentist is an option, make an appointment to see Dr Nimesh and he can guide you through the process.