Anti-Wrinkle Medicine And Fillers: Looking Beyond Your Teeth!

Anti-Wrinkle medicine and Fillers: Looking beyond your Teeth!

At Timeless Smiles we are now a one stop shop for your cosmetic facial needs including Anti-Wrinkle medicine, fillers and hydrafacials.

So before you wrinkle your nose, look puzzled and ask:

“But Dr Nimesh – you are a dentist – why are you doing Anti-Wrinkle medicine and dermal fillers?”

Here is the answer.

It’s really a natural extension of my dental work.

I spend most of my professional life working around your face. It is logical that all of the beautiful work we do on a daily basis, orthodontics, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, could be improved by enhancing the frame and features around the mouth – like the lips and cheeks.

I have a detailed knowledge of your head anatomy, from your chin to your forehead, as well as all the soft tissues around your mouth. Plus, as a dentist, I give more daily injections then pretty much any other profession, so it makes perfect sense to combine some facets of the cosmetic dentistry and dental industries.

Although your smile has been the focus of my attention, it’s time to think beyond your teeth.

Anti-Wrinkle medicine, Fillers and Cosmetic Injectables

We all know that clear plump skin is a sign of healthy vitality.

If you are unhappy with the condition of your skin (and that’s most of us!), there are simple treatments we can do to help transform your skin.

And if you ARE blessed with good skin genes, you are very lucky! But there are still treatments we offer as a preventative measure against future ageing.

It’s well known that Anti-Wrinkle medicine and fillers freshen up and rejuvenate the face. These treatments are magic and quite simple, as well as relatively pain free, quick, and comfortable. (Much easier than a tooth filling!)

Anti-Wrinkle medicine is very effective on dynamic wrinkles – think frown lines, smile lines, worry lines and crows feet. It relaxes (and softens) the muscles that cause those lines on the skin and the effects last about three to four months, depending on each individual. Some lucky clients get up to 6 months.

Then, by treating static wrinkles with fillers, we can help balance uneven features, restore lost or even just add volume and hydration to the skin. You will look fresh and less lined as the dermal filler settles and corrects the wrinkle.

Remember, these treatments are not just the exclusive domain of women – men are also looking into anti-wrinkle injections and fillers to make subtle adjustments to their skin volume.

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Be your best you

Come in and talk to us so we can help you determine the best course of treatment.

Your treatment will be customised to YOU and your needs.

At Timeless Smiles we are now much more than a place to go for dental treatment.

If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your skin, then book a consultation by CALLING US at the clinic on 📞 (02) 8073 8386 or head to our website to make an appointment with us.

We also offer a 30 minute 3 step hydra-facial which removes dead skin, extracts impurity and infuses hydration – it’s a lunch-break procedure that leaves your skin glowing!

How about that – have a facial after your next checkup – turn your routine dental appointment into a treat!