3 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Root Canal Therapy

3 surprising things you didn’t know about root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is one of those dental treatments that not too many people enjoy.

Unlike a hygiene clean or a regular six-monthly check-up – which are typically routine – root canal therapy often involves more complex dental work.

Although root canal therapy can be complex and challenging, my experience shows treatment is rarely the concern we imagine.

On further investigation, there a three surprising things you should know about root canal therapy. They may even change your perception about this treatment!

#1 Root canal therapy is avoidable (usually)

As a dentist, I work with my patients on the premise that prevention is always better than cure. This is definitely my approach with root canal therapy.

That said, by the time a person comes to see me and root canal treatment is prescribed as the only solution, it is invariably after a prolonged period when the patient has experienced other issues that have led to this outcome.

In many instances, root canal therapy is required as a response to an emergency situation, which has developed over time.

Some typical examples are situations like:

  • Maybe the person had experienced a dull ache around that tooth for a while, but hoped it would go away.
  • A patient could have noticed growing sensitivity around the tooth, but ignored it.
  • Or maybe they just put off making an appointment with the dentist for so long that a minor issue morphed into a major problem requiring more expensive and complex treatment.

The message for anyone who values their oral health is: continue with your regular hygiene visits and check ups. They are one of the best preventive measures for avoiding root canal treatment.

#2 Root canal treatment is better than you think

Have you ever noticed how your imagination about a certain situation or event (or dental treatment) can turn it into something unpleasant?

A bit like the grown up’s version of a child thinking there’s a monster in the bedroom cupboard, people imagine root canal therapy is like that too.

Scary and painful, they imagine what treatment will be like, rather than taking time to understand the reality with their dentist.

You might be surprised to know, as new dental technologies and techniques have emerged, root canal therapy has become a very manageable treatment for patients.

I understand patients have concerns about this treatment.

It’s why I make it my priority to put their mind at ease through genuine patient care. I educate patients about the procedure.

  • I let them know things like:
  • Root canal treatment can be challenging, however, it is manageable. With advanced pain management techniques, it is virtually pain free.
    While I am performing the procedure, they are in control of their comfort for the duration. This means if they are worried or uncomfortable at any time, they can let me know.

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#3 Healing from root canal therapy can take less time than you think

Because of the negative associations with root canal therapy, people also imagine healing from the procedure will be uncomfortable and take a long time.

Although this is possible, what I’ve experienced is the opposite.

When a procedure is done well, and the patient follows the post-operative care instructions, I find healing and recovery almost always go well.

If you think you might need root canal therapy and are concerned about treatment, be sure to talk to your dentist about your options. You may be surprised when you discover what they are.

Are you concerned about root canal therapy?

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